Father’s Day Gift Box


A Father’s Day special featuring a box with 7 delightful artisan chocolates, your choice of 57% dark or 70% extra dark chocolate almond slabs, and a box of our mixed milk & dark chocolate bark. 

Each bark inspires masculine thoughts of cutting wood!

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This Father’s Day luxury gift box includes:

A box with 7 great chocolates with a ganache in the following flavours: CoffeeCranberry, Orange, Limoncello, Rum Currant, Sesame and Walnut.

A transparant box with 200 grams of your choice of 57% dark and 70% extra dark chocolate almond slabs.

A transparant box 170 grams of a mix of milk and dark chocolate bark. 



Coffee, cream and dark chocolate coats the bonbon on both the inside and outside.

Finely ground coffee beans provide a full body and pure coffee taste complimented by the dark chocolate and mind-bending shape.



The vitamin rich cranberry provides a fresh, sweet taste which perfectly pairs with the dark chocolate which is used both inside the ganache as well as for the exterior.

A field of cranberry lies on top of the elegant dark chocolate coating and provides a distinct refreshing acidity and crunch that can only be attained with dried cranberries, while the smooth ganache balances both taste and texture.


A Limoncello flavoured ganache identifiable by its gentle sour and distinctive lemon notes with a slight liquorice accent. The ganache is coated in a 57% dark chocolate and topped with a white chocolate streak, which delivers a satisfyingly smooth bite.



Orange with 62% chocolate and cream enrobed in dark chocolate.

A traditional combination of orange and dark chocolate is refined to reach levels of near perfection by treating the core ingredients as simply as possible and elevating the presentation through the addition of a leaves pattern.

Rum Currant

Rum Currant

Dark chocolate, rum, currants and cream enrobed with white chocolate.

The white chocolate aesthetic hides a diverse mix of flavours and textures that energize the palate with a hearty caramel sweetness, fruity tartness and crunch of the thick layer of chocolate.



Roasted sesame paired with milk chocolate and cream enrobed with dark chocolate.

The roasted sesame adds a subtle nutty taste to the creamy ganache with subtle sugar crunches which finds itself surrounded by the fruity tones of dark chocolate.


Roasted walnuts combined with extra dark chocolate and cream form a ganache with a high flavour intensity that is covered in dark chocolate and decorated with milk chocolate curls.

The roasted walnuts provide a nutty flavour, crunchy texture and nuanced aroma that is perfectly paired with dark chocolate and milk chocolate shavings to create a rich flavour and playful aesthetic.