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This Luxury Gift box contains a box of 4 artisan bonbons, a pack of our white chocolate and raspberry hearts, a box of our 76% dark chocolate Single Origin Solids and topped off with a box of our milk chocolate nougatines 

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This Luxury Gift Box contains:

A box of artisan bonbons with the flavors of: Cranberry, Coffee, Mint and Plum 

A transparent box with 200 grams of 76% Vanuatu Single Origin Solids.

A transparent box with 210 grams of  milk chocolate nougatine.

A transparent box with 160 grams of white chocolate and raspberry hearts.



The vitamin rich cranberry provides a fresh, sweet taste which perfectly pairs with the dark chocolate which is used both inside the ganache as well as for the exterior.

A field of cranberry lies on top of the elegant dark chocolate coating and provides a distinct refreshing acidity and crunch that can only be attained with dried cranberries, while the smooth ganache balances both taste and texture.



Coffee, cream and dark chocolate coats the bonbon on both the inside and outside.

Finely ground coffee beans provide a full body and pure coffee taste complimented by the dark chocolate and mind-bending shape.



A ganache from mint, white chocolate and cream enrobed with dark chocolate and finished with a white chocolate stripes decoration.

The elegant white chocolate stripes project a minty scent into your mind before the bonbon even touches your palate. The mint ganache is reminiscent of fresh mint leaves in both aroma and taste and maintains a surprisingly creamy texture throughout the aftertaste.



Plums combined with extra dark chocolate and cream enrobed with dark chocolate and decorated with dark chocolate splitters.

The robust sweetness and acidity of the plum is sealed in its extra dark chocolate shell but explodes with an intense fruity flavour on your first bite, while the splitters add variation to the otherwise smooth texture.