Mother’s Day Special


A specially created Mothers Day box of bonbons that includes 3 Limited Edition flavors is combined with our fan favourite white chocolate and raspberry hearts. Each heart is made with love, so you can give it with love and make this a Mothers Day to remember. 

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Amarena Cherry

A Dark chocolate ganache flavoured with Amarena cherries and Kirsch. The distinctive and sweet notes of the Amarena cherries on a mild dark chocolate base is invigorated by a warm Kirsch accent and coated in a 57% dark chocolate.



The vitamin rich cranberry provides a fresh, sweet taste which perfectly pairs with the dark chocolate which is used both inside the ganache as well as for the exterior.

A field of cranberry lies on top of the elegant dark chocolate coating and provides a distinct refreshing acidity and crunch that can only be attained with dried cranberries, while the smooth ganache balances both taste and texture.

Hazelnut Marzipan

Hazelnut Marzipan

A combination of Lübecker marzipan, gianduja and roasted hazelnut enrobed with dark chocolate.

A fusion of roasted hazelnut and the roasted almonds brought on by the Lübecker marzipan produce a slightly bitter flavour that is cleansed by a lighter gianduja and the crisp dark chocolate coating.


A white chocolate lavender ganache highlighted by delicate and balanced floral notes of lavender artfully designed in a blossom shape. Finished with a 57% dark chocolate coating.


A Limoncello flavoured ganache identifiable by its gentle sour and distinctive lemon notes with a slight liquorice accent. The ganache is coated in a 57% dark chocolate and topped with a white chocolate streak, which delivers a satisfyingly smooth bite.

Marzipan Currant

Marzipan Currant

Lübecker marzipan merged with currants and enrobed with dark chocolate and decorated with currants.

An incredibly diverse flavour profile, with strong hints of fruity acidity and almonds is produced by the combination of marzipan and dried currants, which is bolstered by the decorative, gemstone currants.



Orange with 62% chocolate and cream enrobed in dark chocolate.

A traditional combination of orange and dark chocolate is refined to reach levels of near perfection by treating the core ingredients as simply as possible and elevating the presentation through the addition of a leaves pattern.