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All bonbons are made
with the finest ingredients
and the greatest care
Sabine van Weldam Master Chocolatier

The Beauty Behind a Bonbon

A great deal of care and passion is mixed into each bonbon to make them irresistible. Every step of the process is carefully managed to ensure only the best practices, ingredients and emotions are blended into our unique bonbons to deliver you a memorable chocolate experience.

Nut Selection

You say chocolate, we say nuts!

Nut selection

Vegan Chocolate

Did you know that we already have 28 vegan chocolate products and also a vegan bonbon selection? Curious?

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Welcome America

Dear American Chocolate lovers. Our website can now accept orders from the US and Canada. It should work, but please feel free to contact us at for any query you may have. We want to do everything we can to give you a (chocolate) smile.

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So many choices, so many flavours

Sustainable Chocolate

We believe to truly enjoy chocolate you must feel confident knowing it is produced in a fair and sustainable way for the local farmers and environment. At Puccini, we are committed to supporting this cause and want you to connect with the cocoas amazing journey.

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