Product Information

Storage advice and shelf life

Our chocolates are best stored in a cool and odourless space at a temperature of 19℃ (66°F). The chocolates are made with fresh cream and without the use of any artificial preservatives. Therefore the shelf life is limited to 15 days after dispatch. The other chocolate products have a shelf life of at least on month, but we advise you to check the shelf life of each product as the shelf life varies from product to product.

Allergies or questions

All our chocolate product are prepared in a production area where we also process nuts. Our products can also contain traces of gluten, lactose and (stone) fruit. In case you have any questions on the composition of one of our products, e.g. whether these contain gluten, then you can always email us at or ask your question to one of our shop assistants. You can also view the composition of our chocolates by consulting our collection in the top menu.

Preparing hot chocolate

There are two ways in for preparing your hot chocolate. For a mild chocolate flavor: 35 grams of mixture (about 2 tablespoons) into a cup with 200 ml warm milk that is close to the boiling point. For an intense chocolate flavor: 50 grams of mixture (about 3 tablespoons) in a 200 ml warm milk that is close to the boiling point. Be careful with your drink as it may be hot.

Wines in the Luxury Gift Boxes

Pineau des Charentes of Chateau Beaulon is a so-called vin de liqueur from theCognac. This sweet, powerful wine is made of white grape juice to which cognac ofat least a year old is added. The alcohol percentage increases instantly to 17à 18% stopping the fermentation immediately and leaving the not yeasted sugersin the wine. These provide the sweet taste.

Moscatel Oro of the House Torres is a Spanish semi-sweet winemade from the Muscat grape. It has a golden brown color with dark honey yellowgemstone tones. The wine tastes fruity (orange blossom, honey, light orange,raisin), floral (rose, geranium, Lily) and spicy (tobacco leaf, cedarwood,clove).The gift set with the House of Calem Port wines as includedin luxury gift box 3 contains six bottles of 5 cl per piece with the followingflavors:

  • White & Dry has a bouquet of flowers and tropical fruits with a pleasant sweetness. Full of flavor with notes of nuts, banana, pear, peach and fascinating flowers leading to a long sweet after taste.
  • Lágrima is a delicious sweet white port with flavors and aromas of ripe peach and sugared orange, honey and yellow plums. It is adelicious liquid gold with a long sweet after taste.
  • Special Reserve Port has a bouquet of dried fruits with beautiful tones of wood and spices. The taste is like sweet velvet. This port has a good structure and a delicious after taste.
  • Old Friends Tawny Porto is a red-brown port with delicious red fruit scents. The taste is nicely balanced with wood tones. This port has matured 3 to 4 years in oak barrels.
  • Old Friends White Porto is a beautiful bright yellow port with a smell of flowers and tropical fruit. The taste is soft and with resonating fruits. The white port of Calem matures on oak barrels and wine barrels.
  • Old Friends Ruby Porto is ruby red almost purple tinted with a full aroma of red berries. The taste contains fruit and wood tones.The after taste is intense and full of flavor.

Don’t drink when you are under 18!

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