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Giving and receiving a presents generally is fun. But just funny is usually not good enough. When you really would like to tell someone how important they are to you, then give attention. Then you feel that some has really dedicated time, energy and emotional commitment to you. You feel appreciated and loved.

A bonbon of Puccini Bomboni is not just a chocolate. It’s a product of a huge level of attention and love. That is what makes it special, in taste, how it look. And that is what you experience when you have a box of our chocolates in your hands. You feel, I am giving sincere attention.

So give something that embodies a lot of love and attention. Bonbons and chocolates by Pucccini Bomboni and 100% of your attention.

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Attention helps to make our bonbons perfect. That attention includes more than 20 steps before any chocolate is ready for consumption. This starts when we select the ingredients. We very selective in which ingredients we use. Alle chocolates are made in the same way: we boil the cream, either being it dairy or vegan and then we add chocolate, flavours and textures. In this way the ganache is born that forms the heart of each individual Puccini Bomboni bonbon. And then we add a very important element: Letting it set for two day. And when it is ready, then we pipe or cut the ganache in shape. Then the bonbon starts its final journey receiving its chocolate coating and its characteristic decoration. This process results in bonbons that have received uncompromised attention for taste and quality.

Attention for Chocolate

We find it of the utmost importance that our chocolate arrives as quick as possible and in the best condition at its recipients. Without sounding arrogant, we think we became quite good in that. Cold or hot weather, long and short distances, small or large quantities, we get all of your ordered chocolate quickly and safe at its destination. We monitor the journey of your chocolate diligently. Upfront we check weather forecasts if needed. We ensure we use the packaging that will best protect your shipment, if needed fully isolated and cooled. And would you like to ship large quantities to multiple addresses. With our templates these are easily uploaded. If you want to add a personal message, then we can also arrange that for you. I dare to say that we pay just as much attention to our shipment process as to the creation and production of our chocolates.

Attention for Shipping

When you are the recipient of a box of chocolates or luxury gift box that is send to you by a valued colleague or business partner or that you receive after attending e.g. an event or congress, then you will special. You feel like someone wanted to give you that special attention. It is that special attention that we want to send to your business relations, your colleagues, your guests, anyone that you want to feel special. And the good thing is that when you give attention you also get attention in return. It is that warmth in human contact that we value so much and to which we want to contribute with our chocolate. When that is achieve, then this make us happy and smile.

Attention for Service

Give attention

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Join the growing number of Dutch and international organisations that gift our exquisite chocolates, gift boxes or other treats at their events? Would you like a chocolate subscription to have unique office treats every month? Or looking for that special thank you gift for the attendees of your wedding?  We take pride in assisting where ever necessary to make a selection that's sure to impress your recipients. Please share with us your wishes and specific requirements, and we will come up with a proposal that will meet your demands. Where possible, we are happy to think along with you to select the best gift for your occasion. Simply fill in the form below.

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