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"Every Puccini Bomboni bonbon is intended to be a unique experience. Rich in flavor. When you eat chocolate, you should taste chocolate."

This was already the vision of founder Ans van Soelen when, in 1987, she opened a dessert shop in Amsterdam with her daughter Sabine. With the belief that they could improve the taste of chocolate with their own unique perspective and creativity.

Portrait Sabine van Weldam Creative Director and founder at Puccini

The Finest Bonbons

What began with delicious cakes, coffee, and five unique bonbons on Staalstraat quickly grew into an exclusive love for chocolate. Puccini Bomboni’s innovative creations won the hearts of Amsterdammers and beyond. Today, Puccini Bomboni is known as one of the best chocolatiers in the world.

The Puccini Bonbon: A Category of Its Own

The quest for unique creations and combinations has led to a category of bonbons of its own: the Puccini Bomboni Bonbon. These bonbons are more than just a sweet treat. They are small works of art, rich in flavor, with beautiful designs, and large in size. Every shape and every detail is carefully designed to enhance the sensory taste experience.

Back to the Essence of a Bonbon

At Puccini, everything revolves around originality. From classic combinations to surprising flavors, from amaretto to anise, from pepper to poppy seeds, from tea to thyme. These unique flavors are intensified by combining them with the purest chocolate foundations from an assortment of up to 70% dark chocolate. 

To preserve this beautiful, rich chocolate flavor, Puccini Bomboni’s recipes replace the butter and sugar typically used with pure cream. This enhances the flavor and ensures that the filling is the star of each bonbon. All in support of the most important belief: it must taste absolutely delicious. 

We strive to continue surprising every chocolate lover. From the moment you enter the store and the aroma of chocolate enchants you, to the explosion of flavor in your mouth with every bite. With every purchase, the experience is made complete thanks to a miniature booklet with information about all the bonbons, so you can make your next choice with even more pleasure.