Our Story

“Each and every Puccini chocolate is meant to be a unique experience. Pure of Taste. When you eat chocolate, you should taste chocolate.”

This has been the guiding vision of founder Ans van Soelen and her daughter Sabine van Weldam, ever since they opened their first dessert shop on the Staalstraat in 1987. Puccini Bomboni has not always exclusively been a chocolatier but initially offered delicious cakes and rustic drinks in addition to the five original Puccini Bomboni chocolate creations. These original bonbons were the start of something special for Puccini, and some eight years later their distinctive success led to an exclusive focus on offering the finest chocolates in Amsterdam and the Netherlands.

Word spread quickly, and a second store was opened on the Singel. As time progressed, so did Puccini’s innovation and chocolate collection. This challenged people to reconsider the classic chocolate flavours and experiment with Puccini’s unique natural flavour range and artisan hand-crafted aesthetics. The distinct nature of Puccini Bomboni left a lasting taste in every visitors’ mind, which spread Puccini’s fame well beyond Amsterdam’s city limits. That’s how Puccini Bomboni has grown into the brand it is today; one that operates on par with the most distinguished chocolatiers worldwide.


Why create something that already exists?

A guiding philosophy of Puccini’s free-spirited nature is: Why create something that already exists? This simple statement drives Puccini Bomboni’s ambition to be a leader in developing new and original combinations. From Amaretto to anise. From pepper to poppyseed. From tea to thyme. These unique flavours are intensified by combining them with the purest of chocolate foundations sourced from a range of 70% chocolate. To naturally preserve this beautifully rich chocolate, Puccini Bomboni’s in-house developed recipes replace the commonly used butter and sugar for a cleaner cream. The exclusion of butter and sugar uplifts the flavour and ensures it’s the star of each bonbon. All in support of the principal belief: It must be absolutely delicious!

You cannot discuss the story of Puccini Bomboni without highlighting the dedicated focus on creating chocolates that look just as good as they taste. The aesthetic design is equally important to experiencing a Puccini bonbon and each design aims to create the same mouth-watering sensation you experience when tasting or smelling a rich chocolate. Each shape and detail require a great deal of time, focus and dedication to ensure it reflects the exquisite nature and story of Puccini Bomboni. This ethos has led to Puccini Bomboni offering a collection of chocolates that each have a distinctive character, uniquely delicious taste and treated with the greatest of care.


Every day Puccini Bomboni pursues perfection for one reason alone, the same reason the first dessert shop was opened in 1987. To please You, the chocolate admirer. From walking into the shop and having the powerful chocolate aroma hit you, to experiencing the taste sensations of that single chocolate, to learning more about chocolate history and culture; everything is designed to exceed your expectations.

Each purchase of your box of chocolates is completed with a miniature booklet containing information on the full range of bonbons. This helps you to keep those delicate experiences fresh and to make your next decision easier. Puccini Bomboni, has been and always will be, dedicated to providing each customer with the best chocolate experience they have ever had! The story of Puccini Bomboni has only just begun, we want you to be a part of it.

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