Vegan Selection (box 8 pcs)


A selection of 3 mouth watering artisan made bonbons. You will find a coconut ganache enrobed in dark chocolate (2x), the best marzipan from Luebeck enrobed in dark chocolate and topped with a crown of currants (3x)  and crisp dark chocolate on a carpet of Puccini Bomboni’s own cocoa sugar and topped with a Perigord Walnut enrobed in dark chocolate and cocoa powder (2x).

This box provides you with a total of 7 bonbons. These bonbons are absent of animal products and are suitable for vegans. 

All Bonbons in the Selection

Marzipan Currant

Marzipan Currant

Lübecker marzipan merged with currants and enrobed with dark chocolate and decorated with currants.

An incredibly diverse flavour profile, with strong hints of fruity acidity and almonds is produced by the combination of marzipan and dried currants, which is bolstered by the decorative, gemstone currants.



A ganache made of 62% dark chocolate and coconut enrobed with dark chocolate.

The coconut offers a varied flavour profile that can bring forth a natural, milky sweetness, as well as, a nutty fruitiness, which is encapsulated in an incredibly smooth and rounded texture from the ganache and dark chocolate enrobing. Specifically designed for people with a lactose allergy.

Walnut Pure

Walnut Flick Dark

Handmade flick of dark chocolate and a walnut enrobed in dark chocolate on a foundation of home-made cocoa sugar.

Packs a richer and bolder chocolate over the milk chocolate walnut, which is perfect for dark chocolate lovers.