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Delivery Information

Our Quality Promise in case of delays in the delivery

Across the globe the number of parcels to be delivered has increased enormously and it can take longer for parcels to be delivered. PostNL, DPD, DHL, UPS or your local delivery partner will keep you informed about this via track and trace messages. Unfortunately, we cannot influence this. You can rest assured that your chocolates are always good for at least 10 days from the moment you receive them, even in the event of delayed receipt. If you experience a quality problem please contact us at

High outside temperatures

The quality of our chocolate is influenced by the outside temperature. That is why we always take good care of protecting our shipments e.g. by using isolating materials. On extra warm days we also use heat resistant packaging and/or cooling packs. There may be days however that it is simply too warm to ship our chocolate. If this is the case, we will notify you immediately of the delayed shipment. If the delayed delivery date would not suit you then you are always free to cancel your purchase without any cost and with full reimbursement of your payment.

Regardless the outside temperature, you obviously are always welcome in our shops to collect your orders.

Delivery Methods

All deliveries in the Netherlands are done by PostNL or DPD. At the moment we hand over your order to our delivery partner you will receive a track and trace code by email. Outside NL we use various services like DPD, UPS or the partners of PostNL.

Delivery outside the Netherlands

We deliver to all European countries. An exception is Greece. How much we also would like to deliver in this beautiful country we have experienced that delivery times cannot be controlled as tightly as necessary. As our products do have a limited shelf life, we need to carefully plan your shipment. When you live in one of the countries not covered by our normal delivery options, please contact us at We are dedicated to see if we can accommodate a request for shipment abroad in a more tailored fashion. We will then do our utmost best to serve you with a good solution to get your chocolates at your place.

Delivery Outside of Europe

Due to the nature of our artisan chocolates, shipping prices can vary significantly based on the products being shipped, environmental conditions and the specific region in which it’s being shipped to. As a result, we are still working on creating standard shipping prices for each region outside of Europe, so we can offer every visitor the most customer-friendly shipping options for their specific order.

If you’re interested in having an order shipped outside of Europe, please contact us at with your specific order details and delivery information. Our dedicated customer service team will respond as quickly as possible, and are happy to help find the best and most convenient shipping option for you.

Are you interested in having Puccini Bomboni shipped to North America? Please send us your request at and we will pick up your request and we try to meet your chocolate wishes.

Large orders

For one off orders exceeding the value of 750 Euro please contact us through We will then agree with you how your request will be fulfilled and how it will be delivered at your premises (often with no further cost attached).

When do we ship?

Due to the corona crisis, the number of packages to be delivered has increased enormously and it may take longer for packages to be delivered. PostNL will keep you informed via the track and trace messages. Unfortunately, we cannot influence this. Under normal circumstances, the delivery time is normally as follows (but here again we depend on the process and planning within the shipping partner)

Every order placed on weekdays before 12.00 hrs will be shipped the same day. Orders placed after 12.00 hrs will certainly be shipped the next day (except for Saturday and Sundays or public holidays) or still the same day if possible.

We only ship from Monday till Friday.

What happens after you have ordered?

When you have placed your order and we have received your payment, then we will process this along the lines as indicated by yourself. You will receive a confirmation of your order by email. Once the order is shipped then you will receive a track & trace code so you can follow progress. And we of course also monitor the delivery of your order.

Track and Trace

You will receive an email once your order has been shipped. You can follow your package using the track & trace number which you will receive by email.

Calculating cost of shipment

The cost delivery in the Netherlands are at a fixed cost. For delivery in Europe, there is a rate per country. When placing your order, you will receive directly the quote for the cost of delivery upon registration of the delivery address. For orders outside Europe, we will provide you with a quote.

Cancelled orders

We monitor our online stock continuously. Nevertheless, it may turn out that the product you have ordered turns out not to be in stock anymore. In that case we will try to offer you an alternative. If that does not suit you, then will cancel your order and refund your money.

Free delivery

In case your single order exceeds the amount 75 euro and you use the standard PostNL delivery method for a location in the Netherlands, then we pay the cost of delivery.


Around prime season like during Christmas, Easter and Black Friday time or due to the Covid Pandemic, shipment may take a bit longer. Naturally, we try to limit delays as much as possible. Please rest assured that your chocolates are always good for at least 10 days from the moment these arrive on your doorstep.