Inside the Heart of Puccini’s Bonbons

What Goes into Each Puccini Bonbon?

On the surface, this may seem like a straight forward question that can be answered with the three main base ingredients: chocolate, cream and unique artisanal elements used in almost all of Puccini’s bonbons. With the right hands, combining these ingredients will often make something beautiful and a treat to enjoy. However, this does not tell the full story of what goes into a Puccini Bonbon. That can only be explained by diving into the passion, attention to detail, devotion to taste, aesthetics and quality, and the down to earth philosophy of our Master Chocolatier.

Connecting with a Diverse Heritage

First, let’s consider the selection of raw ingredients that are used in the variety of bonbons. These ingredients range from sugared and fiery ginger sourced from South East Asia, to roasted nuts found in tropical Mediterranean climates to exclusively using the world famous Lübeck marzipan found in Germany. What exactly do these ingredients have in common? Every ingredient has an intrinsic connection that goes beyond quality and taste. This connection stems from a heritage and tradition that tells the story of generations dedicated to the mastering of their craft. These beautiful stories are not told through words or images but are experienced through each bite of your bonbon. That is why Puccini maintains a pure base of chocolate and cream to ensure each bonbon can be enjoyed to the absolute fullest, through not just taste, but an appreciation of the dedication, passion and tradition that goes into each bonbon’s creation.

Beauty Beyond Aesthetics

It is rare to find quality ingredients like thyme, lemongrass and rhubarb that are meeting our standards to be included in our bonbons, but this element of curiosity and attention to detail has been a part of Puccini Bomboni since its creation in 1987. However, curiosity alone does not translate into a delicious bonbon. Free spirited nature, willingness to make mistakes, relentless testing and an intimacy to each ingredient are only some of the qualities that have driven the creation of 40 original bonbons.

Behind each bonbon there are months of experimentation and an emotional connection that is formed by our Master Chocolatier, Sabine van Weldam and co-founder Ans van Soelen. This extends into the pursuit for the perfect shape that both compliments the flavours held within and stands out from the crowd. The untraditionally large bonbons are an expression of the humble and simple philosophy of Sabine, which is that it must look just as good as it tastes, even if it means going against the status quo. Like an artist and their portrait, these emotions are ingrained into every bonbon for each person to experience and connect with in a uniquely individual way. This ability to connect individuals and foster a sense of amazement through bonbons is the ultimate reward for Puccini Bomboni and is something we consistently seek to deliver.

Experiencing a Puccini Bonbon

Whether it is a gift to a loved one, enjoyed on a special occasion or savoured as a personal indulgence, we deliver a box that is filled with more than just chocolate and bonbons. Puccini delivers an experience that is the culmination of generations of tradition passed down through ingredients, a deep emotional connection to the craft and a love for spreading amazement through bonbons. So next time you enjoy a Puccini Bomboni bonbon, take a moment to contemplate the incredible journey each element of each bonbon has made to make it to where it is in that very moment. On your palate. Ready to amaze.

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