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Sustainable Chocolate

From Bean to Bonbon

Now more than ever people want to know about the chocolate they’re buying, how its made, where it comes from and what it means for local producers and the environment. We find this to be a critical story for Puccini’s chocolate, as we believe that you should recognise the source of each cocoa bean before is becomes part of Puccini’s bonbons.

To be delighted is more than just taste. More than just the purest ingredients. More than the most elegant presentation. We believe that to truly enjoy chocolate you must feel confident knowing that the chocolate was produced and sourced in a fair, responsible and sustainable way for both the farmers and local environment.

At Puccini Bomboni in the past, present and future, you can feel confident experiencing our craftsmanship knowing that the cocoa farmers are treated with the same respect for their craftsmanship. You can experience our flavours and natural ingredients knowing these are grown with great respect for nature and its surrounding communities. These qualities of honesty, craftsmanship and respect are ingrained into each bonbon at each stage of the production process.

This pursuit for fair and sustainable chocolate is the reason that we support the initiatives of our supplier, Barry Callebaut, and the Cocoa Horizons Foundation. An initiative that benefits over 25,000 farmers and their families in Western African countries such as the Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Burkina Faso. This ensures that every piece of chocolate used in Puccini Bomboni’s production is sourced from a farm that uses sustainable farming techniques, receives fair pay, strictly forbids child labour and provides opportunities for girls and women.

In addition, Callebaut train the farmers in new farming techniques that increase the productivity of their operation in a sustainable way. The education of women receives extra attention and with fair wages being paid to the farmers, more opportunities are available to invest in their farm and society to make improvements for generations to come.

Do you want to learn more about the Cocoa Horizons Foundation? Watch the video and follow the link below to discover the sustainability targets, the impact of the initiative so far and an inside look into a story experienced by millions of farmers around the world.

In the meanwhile, we hope this has made you confident in enjoying our pure, artesian and fair chocolates with a clean conscience