Appel bonbon
Rum bonbon
Calvados bonbon
Amandel bonbon
Kaneel bonbon
Hazelnoot bonbon
Drambuie bonbon
Gember bonbon
Rabarber bonbon
Cranberry bonbon
Amaretto bonbon
Vanille bonbon
Gianduja bonbon
Abrikoos bonbon
Cognac bonbon
Walnoot bonbon
Pruim bonbon
Mint bonbon
Cointreau bonbon
Thee bonbon
Sereh bonbon
Caramel bonbon
Port bonbon
Framboos bonbon
Walnoot Melk bonbon
Honing bonbon

The vision of Puccini Bomboni on chocolates

‘Each and every Puccini chocolate is meant to be a unique experience. Pure of taste. When you eat chocolate, you should taste chocolate.’Ans van Soelen and her daughter Sabine van Weldam have a clear vision when they open up their first dessert shop on the Staalstraat in 1988. Some eight years later their distinctive success directs them towards a future with an exclusive focus on chocolates. A second store is opened on the Singel. With time progressing, more chocolate products are added to the collection. Meanwhile Puccini Bomboni’s fame increases, reaching well beyond Amsterdam’s city limits. That’s how the company has grown into today’s brand; one that operates on par with the very best chocolate shops worldwide.

Puccini Bonbons

Why create something that already exists? Puccini Bomboni constantly seeks to develop new and original combinations. For example including herbs or spices such as pepper, lemongrass and nutmeg. Or by using 70 percent chocolate. Only with the very best, natural ingredients. And entirely according to in house developed recipes. The foundation is made up of cream and chocolate. Butter and sugar are excluded. As a result the flavour is most distinctive and best appreciated. All in support of the principal believe: it has to be absolutely delicious. The esthetic design is equally important and should appeal instantly. Therefore, a great amount of time and dedication is put into creating the right shape. As a result, Puccini Bomboni offers a collection of chocolates with a distinctive character and maximum taste.

Puccini Bomboni pursues perfection for you, each and every day. Tasting that single chocolate, your visit to one of the shops: everything should exceed your expectations. On the Staalstraat you can even see our kitchen crew in action. The purchase of your box of chocolates is completed with a miniature booklet containing information on your selection. This will enable you to choose carefully at home and help you make a selection for your next visit. Puccini Bomboni is dedicated to provide each customer with the best chocolate experience ever!

Puccini Bonbons